diolazexl laser hair removal

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Get Ready to Bare It All With DiolazeXL Hair Removal in Royal Oak

The DiolazeXL device is one of the most prominent laser hair removal devices in the world today – and it’s available right here in the Royal Oak community!
evolvex transform

The Future of Body Toning: EvolveX Transform in Royal Oak, MI!

Learn how EvolveX utilizes electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to sculpt and contour the body’s most vulnerable areas.

Morpheus 8 Microneedling Uses

Morpheus 8 microneedling uses are more varied than you might think. While you probably immediately think of your face when you think of microneedling, the truth is that the advanced technology of Morpheus 8 makes it a highly versatile treatment that can be used for so much more than facial rejuvenation. Avenue 1 takes full advantage of this technology. If you've been considering Morpheus 8 microneedling in Royal Oak, Detroit, Huntington Woods, and the surrounding area, we can help you.
Laser Hair Removal in Michigan

A Guide to Laser Hair Removal in Michigan

If you're considering laser hair removal in Michigan, this guide will provide you with valuable information about the treatment, its benefits, the areas that can be treated, and its safety. Read on to discover everything you need to know before embarking on your laser hair removal journey.

EvolveX Treatment Areas

There are more treatment options and flexibility when it comes to EvolveX treatment areas vs Emsculpt Neo treatment areas. This flexibility makes EvolveX a more versatile treatment option in many cases, allowing us to target more areas of the body to help our clients achieve their desired results.