lip flip vs lip filler

Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler: Giving Your Lips the Royal Treatment of a Lifetime in Royal Oak, MI

Lip fillers and lip flips are safe and effective alternatives to lip surgery, but they work in completely different ways. Here’s what Royal Oak needs to know!
vi chemical peel

Peeling Away the Layers: Unmasking the Magic of VI Chemical Peels in Royal Oak

VI chemical peels are one of the most popular skincare treatments Royal Oak has to offer. Contact us today to learn how chemical peels can transform your skin!
lumecca ipl

Lumecca IPL: Shine Bright Like a Diamond With a Photofacial in Royal Oak, MI

Are you interested in learning how IPL therapy can help repair sun-damaged and aging skin? Don’t hesitate to contact your friendly Royal Oak med spa today!
forma rf

Achieve Firmer and Younger-Looking Skin with Forma RF Skin Tightening in Royal Oak, MI

Forma RF, also known as the ‘Red Carpet Facial,’ uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the deep layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production.

Kiss Thin Lips Goodbye with Avenue 1 Aesthetics' Botox Lip Flip Transformation!

Are you ready to hide that ‘gummy smile’ of yours? Do you want fuller lips without adding volume? If so, then we’d like to introduce you to the Botox lip flip!

Bye-Bye Blemishes! VI Chemical Peels for Clear, Flawless Skin!

If you have fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, skin discoloration, keratosis pilaris, or even acne, then VI Chemical Peels should be on your radar. Avenue 1 Aesthetics in Royal Oak, MI has long been providing these peels to clients to help reduce troublesome skin issues, and there's a reason for that. It's easy, fast, and effective. This incredibly safe procedure has been around for years, and it's a go-to in our office to help combat a variety of skin issues.

Dermal Filler Aftercare

Dermal filler aftercare is an essential part of the procedure. Many people assume that their dermal filler procedure is over when the final injection is given and they walk out the door. However, for the best possible results, it's imperative that dermal filler aftercare is maintained. At Avenue 1, we've been providing dermal filler treatments in Detroit and the surrounding area for years, and we always stress the importance of aftercare. So today, we're talking about exactly what you should and shouldn't do after your procedure is over.

7 Dermal Filler Facts You Should Know

Dermal fillers are used in a variety of aesthetic treatments on various parts of the face and even other parts of the body. Most people know that dermal fillers exist, but they don't really know what they are or how they work. If you're considering dermal filler treatment in Royal Oak, Michigan, and the surrounding area, we think it's important that you understand exactly what they are, what they do, and how they do it. So today, we're talking about important dermal filler facts that you need to know.

Red Carpet Facial with Forma

Whether you're gearing up for a special event or just want a rejuvenated appearance with no downtime, a red carpet facial is the way to go. At Avenue 1, we use Forma by Inmode to lift and tighten the skin of the face to achieve a more youthful appearance almost immediately with zero downtime. This allows you to be ready for your next upcoming event at a moment's notice or simply head into work the next day with no redness, peeling, or other obvious signs of treatment.

PRP Hair Results - How to Get the Best Outcome

PRP hair results are often one of the first things to be asked about when patients come to our office for a consultation. In fact, that question is usually tied for first place with questions about cost. As experts in PRP in Royal Oak Michigan, we want our patients to understand not only how PRP hair restoration works but how they can maximize their results.

Liquid Gold Facial PRP: Unlocking Radiant Skin

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey into the world of Liquid Gold Facial PRP, showcasing how our personalized and state-of-the-art treatments can help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

How PRP Hair Restoration Works

PRP hair restoration uses your body's own platelets to help stimulate hair growth. Today, we're talking about how PRP hair restoration works.
How To Find a Med Spa For Botox Treatments

How To Find a Med Spa For Botox Treatments

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into how to find the right Medspa in Michigan for your Botox Treatments and the steps to take.
PRP Treatments in Michigan

PRP Treatments for Hair Restoration: Rejuvenating Your Locks

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of PRP treatments for hair restoration, exploring the benefits, procedure details, and where you can access these transformative treatments in Michigan.